About AsHa iFe

I aM HeRE tO cHaNGe thE WoRLd THroUgh MUsiCal ViBRatiONs.
i aM LifE. i AM hOPe. i aM LoVe.
buT, mY IDenTitY iS UNkNowN.

AsHa iFe is an alternative electro-soul singer based out of the Universe. Through her music, she touches the world with love, compassion, positive energy, and honesty about the trials and precipices of life. AsHa seeks to show her humanity and vulnerability through her lyrics and performances, while adorning a hummingbird mask to represent human adaptability and the facades that we wear everyday. AsHa iFe wants to reveal what is behind her mask Рher pain and passion; her anger and bliss. The intangibles. What makes her is human. But yet, she is more. AsHa iFe is spirit embodied.

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